Kinnaird College for Women – Lahore

Kinnaird College for Women – Lahore Info

The Kinnaird College for Women is the top ranked Institute which is securely for the women and it is located in the well known city of Punjab that is Lahore. The college main aim is to provide the good quality education and other opportunities for the women to stand in their future successfully with the great skills of expertise in their professions.



Advanced sessions started in 1913, covered by B.A. Classes four years later. But even at that initial phase Kinnaird felt the requirement for greater space to develop and therefore the Institute shifted to Lake Road in 1926. In 1933, area was obtained closer to Lahore’s popular tunnel and new structures were designed to house the loading number of ladies who clustered to this organization. By 1939 the 20 acre university was singing with action. These days Kinnaird positions as the nation’s leading organization for knowledge where over 3,300 learners are registered at present.


The Campus owned by the Parent Body, the Association of Kinnaird College, houses the following buildings:

  1. The Academic Building containing class-rooms, a large library, reading rooms and offices.
  2. The McNair Building for Science which includes a new wing.
  3. Mangat Rai Hostel (“A”) for 46 students and 2 members of the staff.
  4. Najmuddin Hostel (“B”) for 46 students and 3 members of the staff.
  5. The new Post-Graduate Block.
  6. The Hladia Hall and Chapel.
  7. The Guest House.
  8. The Mangat Rai Dining Hall.
  9. The Mira Phailbus Centre/The New Hostel and
  10. The Perin Boga Amphitheatre.
  11. The Administrative Block
  12. The new college cafeteria.



Three phases of the new Post-Graduate Block have already been completed. The classrooms, library, new labs and a new administrative wing are already in use by students and faculty. The Campus which is situated in one of the central parts of Lahore has a swimming pool and spreading fields for games and sports.

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